In thailand fun is a way of life


Sawadee events and classes honour this Thai ethos by striving to create a relaxed and fun-loving environment for visitors. We accommodate groups of up to 25 for our events and groups of up to 8 for classes and courses. Whether it's a glass of wine on date-night, a significant day shared with friends and family, or a fun team building exercise for colleagues, Sawadee has you covered.  





Sawadee hosts events for up to twenty five people. These events must be booked in advance to allow ample time for preparation. We host bachelorettes/ bachelors, small weddings, kitchen teas, birthday parties, engagement parties, year end parties, team building exercises and more. For these special events, the choice can be made between cooking Thai dishes as a group or a Thai food tasting menu where the food is cooked by the Sawadee chefs.

Sawadee also hosts special events on important days in the Thai calendar, like Loy Krathong, the famous festival of lights. To be kept in the loop for special events sign up for our mailing list here.

Classes are three-hour sessions of hands-on cooking under Pinki’s instruction and there are three different options: “Bangkok Street Food Menu”, “Thai Regional Menu” and “Thai Light and Tropical menu”.


Cooking enthusiasts can choose to do one day, two day or three day menus and can arrange specific dates with Pinki.  Classes cater for up to 8 participants and the focus is to have fun while cooking and eating what each person has prepared. Attendees receive a Cooking Certificate after the Class. If you want to spoil a loved one with a fun cooking experience, gift vouchers are available here. ​

CLASSES & Courses

Class times:

Wed: 10 am - 1 pm

    Fri: 6 pm - 9 pm

   ​Sat: 10 am - 1 pm