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Relaxed Cooking Class

Single Session Course (3 hours)

Course Overview

Bangkok streets smell of many things. Foremost among them is the pervasive whiff of food. Pots of steaming curry, carts of fresh fruit and baskets of dried squid can turn an evening stroll into a culinary exploration. And if you don’t want to go to the food, let the food come to you on one of the many roaming vendor carts. It’s Bangkok’s answer to meals-on-wheels. Come and learn to cook world-renowned Bangkok street food and impress your family and friends when hosting a dinner.

Course Summary

Preparation of Thai Spring Rolls
Preparation of Massaman Curry OR Preparation of Pad Thai
Enjoy the dishes you made in an idyllic garden setting and conclude with a complimentary Thai dessert.


R450 per person

Package details

Includes notes and recipe book as well as all ingredients. Beverages are excluded, please bring your own.

Bangkok Street Relaxed
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